At the beginning of 1950 the Ravanis family opened their first tavern in a small stone building in the village square. During the 70s Ioannis Ravanis' dream came true…This small stone tavern was built from scratch.

It was a very special, cozy place suitable for the needs of that time… Continuing with the same quality, the same traditional tastes, amazing lamb cutlets, kokoretsi (traditional meat dish),roast lamb on the spit, meatballs made with our own recipe, handmade chips, fresh hand-kneaded bread and the ever smiling, good-humored Ioannis Ravanis.

Over the years and due to constant demand, the tavern was renovated for the second time in 2008. It is now a two-storey building, decorated with stone and wood, with a magnificent view of the village, maintaining always its traditional character.

From May to October you can enjoy the above mentioned food in the village square under the shade of the perennial plane-trees. Traditional ice cream, coffee, yoghurt and local fruit preserves are also served. (I. Ravanis - Demanding Quality)

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